Florine Imo is an Austria based German painter currently studying in the Academy of fine Arts, Vienna. Throughout her studies Florine developed a special technique, combining soft pastels, acrylic gel and oil color on canvas. The artist grew up around the Vienna Woods, where she developed her admiration for nature and animals. The buddhistic philosophy and believes, as for example the illusion of duality and the concept of the whole, had a great impact on the artists world view, and therefore on her work. Other strong interests that influence her paintings are poetry, spirituality and psychology.


Coming from many landscape works of high energized places, Florine's feminine figures became the central point of her practice. In her paintings, these figures are most often confronted with a challenging situation. These difficulties change with time. Today Imo's paintings focus on growth and development of the human being, by depicting the individual, but also general human, struggling with it self. By creating multiple, ironically, dual self portraits the artist lets the self interact and play out different personal scenarios that can be also yours. 


"It’s important how my figures and objects feel in my pieces, what they wear, how they stand or lay or interact. Each one of them is alive to me. I start with sketching the composition directly on to the canvas. I believe for this part it is crucial to be totally free. That’s also why I don’t make detailed sketches any more, they don’t allow me to fly. Having an idea is good, but never force what you have in your mind on the canvas, just go with the flow and trust yourself. The painting tells you what it needs any ways. For inspiration I look inside myself, what is happening with- and around me. I can get an idea for a piece from a dream or a memory or a poem, but in the end these are just stimulants for my soul, which I later try to unfold on to the canvas." 




Higher School Certificate, BORG of Music and Art, Hegelgasse 12, 1010  Vienna, Austria 

June 2014


Academy of Fine Arts Vienna 

start of studies in the figuratve painting class in October 2016 

with Kirsi Mikkola



Erasmus semester at the Icelandic University of the Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland 

Jan-Jun 2019



2017     Tschau Ragazzi, Academy of fine Arts, Vienna

2017     Junge Kunst VOL.03, Damani , Vienna

2017      the figurative painting class, Otto Bauer, Vienna, 

2018   Young Vienna Surreal, Kolja Kramer Galerie - Art Area Brotfabrik, Vienna 

2018      Art for Peace, Kolja Kramer Galerie, Semperdepot, Vienna

2019     keep warm - instillation, Icelandic University of the Arts, Reykjavík, Iceland 

2019    book presentation and reading of “cold stones warm hearts”, Safnarhúsið - Culture House of Reykjavík, Iceland

2019      solo show “cold stones warm hearts”,  junge Kunst, Vienna  

 2020    the artist appointment, solo show and artist interview with                          Mariella Pertschy, Süßwasser, Vienna 

2020     group show with Art Attach, Loft, Vienna

2020     alone. not lonely, Einflussraum, Vienna

2020    caught in a loop, solo show, Einflussraum, Vienna

2020    Johnny's Vienna's finest, Jonathan Seiffert Galerie, Vienna

2020    Bull in a China Shop, Tchotchke Gallery, New York / online show

2020    protest and protect, Feminist Art Museum / online show

2021    nudes / no nudes, Jonathan Seiffert Galerie, Vienna

upcoming exhibitions



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